Over the years, a heterogeneous nomenclature of abbreviations has evolved to name the numerous substances that have been identified in the illicit market. These short names may be helpful for daily communication, but are far from being named according to the rules of IUPAC. The following incomplete compilation is intended to give an overview of the abbreviations used.

Abbreviation Name
4F-MDMB-BICA 4-FluoroMethylDimethylButanoate ButylIndole CarboxylicAcid
7AICA 7-AzaIndoleCarboxylicAcid
ACA AminoCarboxylicAcid
ACA AminoCarboxAmide
ADB AminoDimethylButanamide
ADB AminoDimethylButanoate
AICA AzaIndoleCarboxylicAcid
B Butyl
BICA ButylIndoleCarboxylicAcid
BINACA BenzylIndAzoleCarboxAmide
CA CarboxylicAcid
CB CycloButyl
CB CyanoButyl
CHM CycloHexylMethyl
CHMICA CycloHexylMethylIndoleCarboxylicAcid
CUMYL dimethylbenzyl, (2-phenylpropan-2-yl), Cumyl
EDMB EthylDiMethylButanoate
EMB EthylMethylButanoate (E indicating esterethyl)
EMB-ICA EthylMethylButanoate IndoleCarboxylicAcid
F Fluoro
GaCl γ-Carboline
GaClone γ-CarbolineOne
I Indole
IN Indazole
INACA IndAzoleCarboxAmide
MDMB MethylDiMethylButanoate
P Pentyl
P7AICA 7PyridinoAzaIndoleCarboxylicAcid
PICA PentylIndoleCarboxAmide (PentylIndoleCarboxylicAcid)
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